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We service the UK as a whole, purchasing pallet racking, industrial shelving and mezzanine floors.

We provide fast and competitive quotations, with no obligation.

Safety is our priority. We adopt a safe system of work on all our projects big or small.   

Site visits for a full appraisal and quote and chance to meet a member of our trustworthy team.


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Buying Used Racking And Shelving   


For an accurate quote we will need the following information: 

  • Height of frame
  • Depth of frame
  • Beam length
  • Load rating of beams
  • Total count of frames / beams
  • Number of bays
  • Sprinkler system / Mesh
  • Make / condition

As many pictures as possible. For ease we utilise WhatsApp - 07080864070


For a large scale project a site visit is a must. Considerations include: 

Access to your premises, relevant regulations, sprinkler systems, available working space, time scales and a detailed assessment. 


Here is a brief guide as to some of the components you will find on most products. This will help us identify the racking you have in your warehouse.

These are some of the main elements that you will find on most racking products:



1) End of the beam / cleat - a picture of this is a great help 

2) Horizontal and diagonal metal is the cross-bracing 

3) The long, grey upright metal is the frame or upright. this is two legs connected by the bracing = 1 upright

A load notice. At the end of an isle you may have a load notice. a picture of this gives us the majority of the information required.

Complete the enquiry form for an online offer.


We buy used racking and shelving UK wide. Commercial racking. Industrial shelving 1.


We buy used racking and shelving UK wide. Commercial racking. Industrial shelving 2.


We buy used racking and shelving UK wide. Commercial racking. Industrial shelving 3.


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Mezzanine Flooring   


Used mezzanine floors. We buy used racking and shelving UK wide. Commercial racking. Industrial shelving.

Used mezzanine floors 2. We buy used racking and shelving UK wide. Commercial racking. Industrial shelving.

We buy, dismantle and remove Mezzanine floors nationwide. Please send sizes, floor height and pictures. We also buy component parts, boards, purlins, handrail & steels.

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Warehouse dilapidations. We buy used racking and shelving UK wide. Commercial racking removal.

Rackway Ltd offer quotes on full dilapidation work for both tenants and land lords , taking the whole warehouse / office back to the original state, Working in a timely fashion through schedules and and carrying out end of tenancy repairs.

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MK3 (Speedlock) / P90 / P100 / P120 Dexion is one of the most common brands of racking. So much so the strong banding has left many assuming that they have Dexion racking. If your unsure please get in touch we will assist you to identify your pallet racking.


Apex pallet racking is a current and popular make and easily identifiable wit the prominent horizontal locating slots. Can occasionally be confused with old imperial Acrow systems. Available in a variety of colours and still being manufactured. 



Link 51. A quality system made in the UK. Yellow beams and black / charcoal frames have made this easy to spot.  We buy used link 51 racking. Our biggest purchase to date 2500 bays from north London removed in 6 weeks.


PSS / M series.  We, unlike many, will purchase M series racking, identifiable by the zigzag of locations on the uprights. P85 has the same shaped holed but situated in a standard paired fashion.  



Redirack HD /SD (no longer trading) have been producing racking and storage solutions since 1973. You’ll know if you have Redirack frames often by the orange colour of the frames and beams. Again don't be fooled into assuming you have one type by colour alone. Redirack has welded frames and are harder to transport and keep in stock. That wont put us off. 


Premier rack / Rack Plan Hi-lo is no longer trading however, we have recently purchased 600 bays of Hi-lo Rackplan (May 2019). Made in the UK was a popular choice! Rackplan beams are usually orange with thin rectangular connector slots in the frames. HI-LO RACK PLAN is another variation generally blue and orange (They will stamp HI-LO on the beams).



Seen in many retail applications across the country, Easily identifiable by the circular locations on the uprights. We purchased tonnes of this racking and welcome further enquires. Please drop an email and we would be happy to quote for removing and purchasing your Polypal racking and shelving.


Founded in 1977, Stow originates in Belgium and manufactures a range of commercial racking, We have purchased Stow from industrial estates across the UK and Ireland. We will travel. The uprights have angled key shaped locations with a wider hole at the bottom. Send us a picture and we will confirm if unsure. 



Locating slots are described as inverted trapezoid shaped locations.  a less common racking type these days. 


Easy to identify with a square location slot with a "neck". generally blue frames. Mecalux are a global brand and we always have demand for second hand racking components.



88 / XS The 88 system is no longer in production. with blue frames and orange beams. is identifiable as AR is stamped into beam connection.  XS stands out with its galvanised frames and uiqure shaped locating slots. 


A regular in our warehouse. A cost effective racking solution. Nothing widely different about the design. We are happy to purchase and dismantle Esmena racking anywhere in the UK. 






We buy  and sell used racking and shelving. Please get in touch if you’re looking to buy or sell any warehouse racking, industrial shelving or other warehouse storage equipment.


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